AlValet Service in Queen Alia International Airport


Q: What is the Al Valet Service?

A: Al Valet is the unique car valet parking experience at Queen Alia International Airport. Let us take away the time and effort and avoid the weather conditions when looking for a car park space and leave your car in our hands at the convenient kerbside location outside the entrance door to the departure terminal and have it cleaned and conveniently located at the arrivals forecourt when you land. The big advantages of valet parking are saving time and the hassle of the car park and give you a VIP experience.


Q: How does it work?

A: It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Drive to the departure terminal kerbside at entrance No.1
  2. Our Al Valet team will be waiting to welcome you and will complete a quick camera based car check for any current damage to your vehicle. Let us know if you want the car washed on your return.
  3. Simply hand over your car keys to the Al Valet team who will provide you with a receipt

Enjoy your flight!


Our team will drive your car to the designated Al valet parking lot and will park it for you and if you have requested it will be washed prior to your arrival.


Q: How do I get my car back upon arrival?

A: Simply go to the Al Valet customer service booth outside Gate 3 in the arrivals forecourt to collect your car which will be parked by the office.


The benefits of Al Valet parking is that it will save time and effort. Simply drop your car off at the departures kerbside and pick it up again from the arrivals forecourt.


Al Valet Number: 0790855576